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Gainesville Attorneys

Our law firm provides representation for Workers' Compensation claims and Guardianship cases in Gainesville, FL. If you are in need of a Gainesville lawyer, contact us at our University Avenue location and schedule a consultation.

Every legal situation is different and your legal representation should reflect this. For precise and efficient legal counsel, contact Schatt Hesser Mcgraw in Gainesville, FL.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me?

There are many legal situations which arise every day that don’t need the help of a lawyer. For the others, having a lawyer on your side can be the difference between a satisfiable outcome and a larger legal and possibly financial situation down the road. Schatt Hesser Mcgraw are Gainesville lawyers who listen to every client we meet with and work for a legal solution favorable to our clients. Here are a few reasons why you should contact Schatt Hesser Mcgraw for your legal matter.

Laws and Legal Situations Are Complex

Laws and the legal precedence which many case rulings come from change regularly. Then the complex nature of law can add many layers to a case which is otherwise solid, but would quickly fall apart if you were to represent yourself. A Gainesville, FL attorney from Schatt Hesser Mcgraw has years of experience and litigation practice in a variety of cases. This combination means you’ll receive professional representation with personalized service from the initial consultation to when your case closes.

The Cost Of Not Having a Lawyer Could Be Significant

Cost isn’t always limited to a monetary amount. Time missed at work researching and preparing for your case, along with stress and emotional pain, can create a bigger discord than retaining a lawyer from the start. Criminal cases often carry monetary fines and possible jail or prison terms, while a civil case carries a direct financial impact to you.

A Lawyer Is Proactive

By consulting with lawyers in Gainesville, FL before you are halfway through a transaction, you can avoid headaches down the road. How so? If you’re negotiating a contract or other business arrangement, Schatt Hesser Mcgraw can look over the proposed arrangement and related documents and assist you in ironing out details in favor of both sides. A lawyer also understands the fine print and legalese often found in many contracts and business documents, allowing you to avoid signing something you don’t want to.

They Know How to Fight For a Settlement or Go to Trial

It’s a new situation to you, but chances are Schatt Hesser Mcgraw attorneys Gainesville, FL have seen cases like yours. Their years of experience let them quickly understand how your case will likely play out and what you can expect. This knowledge is what allows them to fight for a settlement, as most cases settle out of court. However, should your case need to go to trial, a lawyer with Schatt Hesser Mcgraw will thoroughly prepare and represent you and your interests until the case is done.

Filing Documents and Legal Procedures

Court and legal documents adhere to strict deadlines and protocols. A single blank checkbox in a stack of papers could be the difference between receiving a favorable outcome and having your situation dismissed. Gainesville attorneys from Schatt Hesser Mcgraw know how to properly file documents and handle legal procedures in our practice areas.

Our Practice Areas

Schatt Hesser Mcgraw is a Gainesville law firm practicing law in several areas, including:

  • Business Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Construction Law
  • Elder Law
  • Employment Law
  • Equine Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Guardianship & Advocacy Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Probate
  • Real Estate
  • Workers’ Compensation

Regardless of practice area, we believe every client is different, as is every legal matter we handle. Our attorneys work to understand every client’s goals and interests and provide the best possible legal advice for their particular situation.

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From estate planning to matters involving equine law, Schatt Hesser Mcgraw provides exceptional and thorough legal service in many civil matters. Our attorneys in Gainesville, FL keep all clients’ interests in mind throughout the legal process in an ethical and professional manner. Contact our Gainesville office today for a phone evaluation of your case.

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