Divorce Law

A good divorce attorney can mean the difference between being taken care of and being out in the street. Divorces can be long and drawn out, and an inexperienced attorney can inadvertently bill thousands of dollars more than is necessary.

Divorce Attorney in Ocala and Gainesville, FL

Divorce Attorney

Balancing the emotional and financial realities of a painful process is important, from handling child support to child custody and visitation to the dispositions of marital assets, a good Divorce Lawyer can guide one through the entire divorce proceeding.

Child Support and Divorce Law in Ocala

A parent has an obligation to provide support for his or her child. This obligation does not depend on the wealth and status of the other parents – the duty to take care of one’s child is between the parent and child, not parent and other parent. Every child is unique and so are his or her needs.  A good divorce attorney works to ensure all aspects of a minor child’s health and well-being are attended to: financial, religious upbringing, school (including college and university), medical, and more. Child support is guided by specific state laws and cannot be ignored.

Child support is not limited to only money, either. Medical expenses, school supplies and tuition, and more are compensable.

What is Alimony/Palimony and is it available in Florida?

Alimony is a sum of money, sometimes one big pile and sometimes and ongoing obligation, designed to help a spouse post-divorce.  Often times, one half of the marriage has sacrificed his or her career to stay at home and take care of children, or to maintain the marital residence, and that time and effort is compensated appropriately.

Alimony can be temporary, helping you pay household bills and expenses, rehabilitative, which looks to help make someone whole for the time they spent not-working, and even permanent alimony, which lasts until one enters into a “supportive relationship.” Alimony is not a gift, it is not a present from a former spouse, it is the recognition that domestic partnerships bring value in different ways and they should be appreciated as such.

Florida does NOT recognize “Palimony.”  Palimony was a novel concept that would treat a non-marriage like it was a marriage for the purposes of post-separation compensation.  Florida also does not have a “domestic partnership” law, though it of course recognizes same sex marriage, including bringing benefits from the FMLA to same-sex couples.

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