Family Law

A good family law attorney can handle a divorce, obtain an order of protection from an abusive spouse, and facilitate an adoption, all while showing the calm and understanding required during emotionally difficult times. 

Family Law Attorney Ocala and Gainesville, FL

Family Law Attorney

What is Family Law?

Family Law is a broad category of the legal profession, one encompassing divorces, child support, child custody, parental rights - including father’s rights - adoptions, and domestic violence orders of protection. A family law attorney knows how to file a divorce, petition the court for an adoption while working with the proper agencies, secure child support and ensure child visitation, and protects the most vulnerable amongst us from violence in the home.

More than simply a legal process, a good family law attorney knows that these are life-altering decisions, often involving the happiness and health of a child, making it all the more important to find not just a good legal mind but a good personal fit. Schatt Hesser McGraw prides itself on finding those fits.

Family Law Courts

One of the most daunting experiences for people is going to court, a feeling that is magnified by the prospect of a family court judge making decisions about one’s own family. The mystery of the legal process often confuses people, leaving them unsure of what just happened in a case involving their own family, and Schatt Hesser McGraw takes pride in knowing how to be there for clients throughout the process, giving them the proper information to make the best decision for their future. 

It isn’t enough that Schatt Hesser McGraw knows how to navigate the waters of Ocala and Gainesville, it is our mission to make sure you’re on board for every decision.

Family Law and Domestic Violence

One of the unfortunate realities of practicing Family Law is developing an understanding of how Domestic Violence plays a role in the process.  Time is often of the essence in situations involving abuse, with a keen understanding of how to protect a victim of obvious importance, and Schatt Hesser McGraw has an unyielding determination to protect our clients. If you find yourself in a situation where you fear for your safety, we can help.  Orders of protection against abusive spouses or partners can be filed, and - of course - your anonymity is our priority. 

Contact An Experienced Family Law Attorney

From divorce to adoption, domestic violence to parental rights, Family Law isn’t something any warm body with a JD can practice. The stakes are the highest in all of law and require someone skilled and experienced in not just winning every legal fight, but helping you avoid excess legal troubles in the future. Schatt Hesser McGraw works with you to assess your needs, with each client unique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to our clients, so, please, call or reach out to us at your convenience. We look forward to getting to know you and helping with all your Family Law needs.

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