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In theory, attaining workers’ compensation should be an extremely useful and important process. As an employee, you want to be assured that if you are injured while working, you will be compensated for any accompanying expenses. However, your employer and insurance company often try to avoid claims and find loopholes in their own policies to avoid paying the coverage you need. Therefore, you should contact an experienced Gainesville workers' compensation lawyer immediately following your injury to increase your chances of receiving workers’ compensation.

Complexities of Gainesville Workers’ Compensation Claims

Though workers’ compensation may seem as if it is be simple and straightforward, there are many requirements that must be met in order for a worker to receive compensation. In order to receive workers’ compensation, you must be an actual employee, which excludes volunteers, people who are carrying out religious tasks, independent contractors and some categories of foreign workers. Further, time is also an important factor. An injured employee must report the incident to their employer. This may seem simple at first, but if the injury occurs over a long period of time, you may not have associated it with your job. For instance, if you suffer from carpal tunnel or back pain, you may take longer to recognize your symptoms and you will have greater difficulty proving when the suffering began. That is why it is important that you contact a workers' comp attorney as soon as possible.

There are also a variety of afflictions that you may not associate with your job but may be covered in part or whole by your insurance company. For example, if your working environment causes you to have impaired eyesight, hearing loss or lung problems, you can make a claim. Your health-related accident may even occur outside of the office. If you are under so much stress and pressure from your job that you have a heart attack, you may be able to receive compensation. However, many people do not realize these medical issues may apply so they don’t apply for coverage.

Common Reasons Workers’ Comp Claims are Denied

Many employers and insurance companies will look for any possible reason to deny your workers’ compensation claim. Therefore, you need to avoid common mistakes made by injured employees. Begin by seeking medical attention directly following an incident or once you notice a work-related injury. Not only will you receive the medical assistance you need, but you will have a medical record that verifies your account. Without this record, you will have more difficulty proving the suffering you experienced. Make sure that the accident report you turn into your employer matches the medical report you received from your doctor. The likelihood of your claim being denied will be greatly increased if there are any discrepancies between the two documents. Additionally, there tends to be a stigma attached to work-related injuries so most employers tend to assume that employees are faking or exaggerating. In order to avoid these situations, it is important to consult worker' compensation lawyers in Gainesville, FL, who can properly guide you through the claim process and legally represent you to dispel any of these scenarios.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Gainesville, FL

During the last decade, there have been approximately 60,000 workers’ compensation claims each year in Florida. The claims range in severity from minor injuries to death, but the large number indicates just how common work-related injuries are. If you suffer from an injury and need coverage for lost wages, medical bills or personal disability, you should contact a trusted workers' compensation law firm. Our attorneys have over 13 years of experience representing both injured employees and insurance companies. Because we have defended both sides of these cases, we have a more complete understanding of this issue than our competitors. For a free consultation, contact our Gainesville law office today.

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