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Ocala, FL High-Risk Occupations

Accidents can happen in any job. Whether you are a baker or a construction laborer, workplace injuries are a possibility. However, the majority of workers’ comp claims come from industries and occupations that pose a remarkably high risk of injury or fatality. People who work in the most dangerous jobs in Florida should contact a skilled workers’ compensation attorney for assistance after experiencing a workplace injury. The lawyers in Ocala, FL, with Schatt, McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli are well-versed in all areas of workers' compensation and firmly believe in employees’ right to recover benefits following an accident.

Florida High-Risk Occupations

An occupation’s risk level can be measured by the rates of injury, fatality and workers’ compensation claims linked to it. Generally, high-risk occupations/industries are the fields that require employees to work in adverse weather conditions, handle large and heavy machinery and equipment, or work among harsh chemicals.

Employees who are most susceptible to work-related injuries include:

  • Truck drivers (because they often operate heavy-loaded trucks during late nights and early mornings).
  • Farmers/agricultural workers (because they often handle sharp and heavy tools and make repetitive movements that can result in long-term injury).
  • Construction workers/electricians (because they operate heavy machinery outdoors and are exposed to electrical wires that may cause shock in adverse weather conditions).
  • Airplane pilots; airport employees
  • Guards/policemen
  • Industrial/factory workers
  • Commercial fishermen
  • Amusement park workers

Although employees who work within the aforementioned industries are expected to understand the risk they assume when they agree to work on specific tasks, there is still a sense of duty and a degree of care that employers of high-risk occupations are responsible for providing. Corporations/employers are required to keep working environments clean and take safety precautions.

  • Slippery floors should be labeled.
  • Chemicals should be labeled and properly sealed.
  • Employees should not be allowed to work in abnormal weather conditions.

If corporations/employers knowingly don’t comply with their obligations regarding preventive measures in the workplace, they may be denounced for gross negligence. This may allow injured employees filing workers’ compensation claims to receive additional funds. The workers’ compensation system in Florida is an insurance coverage program that allows workers (even those in high-risk occupations) to receive coverage for medical expenses, lost wages and retraining expenses. An experienced workers’ comp attorney in Ocala, FL, with Schatt, McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli can offer legal guidance and help you navigate the claims process.

Common Workplace Hazards & Injuries

The most common forms of workplace injuries include:

  • Amputations
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Electrical shocks
  • Eye injury
  • Falling
  • Hearing loss
  • Paralysis
  • Slip and falls
  • Whiplash

The most common workplace hazards include:

  • Toxic chemicals (including gas and odors)
  • Fire
  • Sharp tools
  • Vehicles
  • Large machinery, technology and objects
  • Falling objects
  • Electrical equipment (coupled with adverse weather conditions)
  • Objects/working environments that require repetitive muscle movement (such as lifting, pulling, pushing, sawing, etc.)

Workers’ Comp Attorneys for High-Risk Employees in Ocala, FL

At Schatt, McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli in Ocala, FL, experienced workers’ comp attorneys know how difficult it can be for employees of high-risk occupations to obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Insurance carriers are often reluctant to acknowledge and approve workers’ comp claims because the risk of injury comes with the job. This is why contacting an assertive Florida workers’ compensation lawyer is a vital step in the claims process. An attorney can conduct an investigation, collect evidence, obtain testimonial support, negotiate and advocate on your behalf during private meetings and court proceedings.

The type of work you perform should not be an excuse for people to take advantage of you. Florida’s workers’ compensation system and laws are enforced to protect your dignity and integrity as an employee. Contact our Ocala attorneys today for a free initial consultation.

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