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Ocala, FL Repetitive Stress Injuries In The Florida Workplace

While many people associate a workplace injury with a sudden accident, many injuries develop over time — usually unnoticed by a worker until pain and other symptoms set in. If you’ve been injured in the workplace, contact the Florida workers’ compensation attorneys with Schatt, McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli to discuss your workers’ compensation claim.

What Is A Repetitive Stress Injury?

Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) develop over a length of time when a worker repeats the same and/or similar motions and/or positions while on the job. It’s also called an overuse injury or repetitive strain injury. The injuries generally share similar symptoms, such as aching, pain, or tenderness in the affected area; cramping and stiffness; throbbing; and numbness or a tingling sensation. The severity of the symptoms can range from mild to severe and may intensify over time without treatment.

Common Types Of Repetitive Stress Injuries

RSIs can occur in any industry or occupational setting, but workers in certain jobs have a higher risk of developing this type of workplace injury. High-risk occupations include agriculture, retail and foodservice, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing. If you’ve developed an RSI while working in any industry, contact an experienced attorney Ocala, FL, workers can trust with Schatt, McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Likely the most commonly known RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome happens when prolonged pressure is applied to the median nerve. This nerve runs from the forearm through the wrist — carpal tunnel — to a worker’s hand. Repetitive motions, recurrent postures, and gender are several factors that raise a worker’s risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Degenerative Disc Disease

This condition occurs when discs in the spinal column are damaged by a combination of factors, including age, daily activities, and injuries. Spinal discs have a low blood supply and are unable to heal themselves once damage occurs. There isn’t a sudden onset of symptoms, but a slow and steady progression over 20 years to 30 years.

Hearing Loss

Exposure to elevated and prolonged noise levels, along with exposure to ototoxic chemicals, are frequent causes of hearing loss in the workplace. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 22 million workers in the United States are exposed to elevated noise levels each year while 30 million are exposed to ototoxic chemicals. Certain industries, including transportation, construction, manufacturing, and agriculture, have a higher risk of hearing loss due to elevated noise and ototoxic chemical exposure.


Tendonitis occurs when a tendon becomes irritated or inflamed due to repetitive motion and/or forceful exertion of a joint. Pain and tenderness in the area of the affected joint are common symptoms. This condition frequently occurs in the elbows, knees, shoulders, and wrists.

What To Do If You Have A Repetitive Stress Injury

Make Note Of Any Symptoms

The first step in treating a repetitive stress injury is knowing the symptoms. Make note of any loss of flexibility, motion, and/or strength; numbness or tingling; or any other symptom that is out of the ordinary.

Notify Your Employer

Report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. It’s against Florida workers’ compensation law for an employer to discipline or wrongfully terminate an employee for filing a claim. A workers’ compensation attorney in Ocala, FL, with Schatt, McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli can assist with filing or appealing a denied claim.

Seek Medical Attention

It’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible because a delay can worsen the symptoms, while also hindering your ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Let the doctor know of the activity or task that caused the symptoms, including the time of day. Work restrictions, such as ergonomic adjustments and frequent breaks, may be ordered by the doctor as a way to allow the RSI to begin healing. Treatment may also include rehabilitative programs conducted by a specialized medical professional, such as a physical or occupational therapist.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney In Ocala, FL

The workers’ comp lawyers in Ocala, FL, with Schatt, McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli have helped many workers receive workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace injury. Our attorneys understand Florida workers’ compensation law and can help you untangle the complexities that often come along with repetitive stress injuries. Contact Schatt, McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli for help with filing a workers’ compensation claim today.

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